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Dominance and submission: "A Womans Right"

As a Dominant in life and style I am constantly in mind of my own sexuality and need in relationship to my counterpart a submissive. As a Women's Rights Activist for as long as I can remember, I am equally aware that there is a huge disparity between men and women in society and life. The roles defined and unfortunately accepted as norm at times gives me cause to continue the dialogue and bring to the front the abuses of society and the abuses that prevail in my life-style of choice.

As a male, in society, be it education, career choices and opportunity, rewards for a job well done, or public service attitude and appreciation, the overall acceptance and development has been generous and embracing for most of my life. It has not been without difficulty and consideration as to the women who I have journeyed with and who have not been afforded the same opportunity and equality.  There is and has been a discrimination and hindering of women in the work place and at most levels of education throughout our society. The old and outdated model of the woman staying at home to raise the children and provide for her family in domestic duty is still embraced by many and even hinted at in derogatory terms when the men's club is presented with the threat of a woman who just might get ahead. The corner put downs and snickers prevail even after a woman has succeeded and the continued discrimination prevails. And this is just plain out not accepted by this male and many of us who champion the role of women in our society.

As a Dominant male in an alternative life-style of choice, the discriminatory differences are harder to define and certainly labeled in a very misguided way. A dominant and a submissive, a top and bottom, a master and slave, a sir and sub. Seems easy enough, one is in charge and the other just goes along with the flow. And the unfortunate and sad part here is that many do subscribe to this. And that is not accepted by this dominant. We have here two human beings with a sensuality that has defined them as role oriented. My own awareness on this is that before we are role oriented, we are human beings, and as human beings we have a call to appreciation of that human element before anything else. My own dominance is embraced by a submissive and that submissiveness is embraced by me. If a submissive is not comfortable and given voice, then I am the discriminate one. Much like the women in our vanilla society, submissive women are again second natured at times and can easily fall prey to abuse and even physical harm with an uncaring and abusive dominant.

The one other area of disparity is a women's right to choose to give birth. Of course our governments have been trying to tether this issue from the start along with the religious communities and  pro-life advocates. Once again, the woman is labeled and put in a class that takes away a basic freedom to choose. Often a heartening decision based on a number of factors, rape, a non supportive partner, drug and alcohol fetal syndromes and diseases of life. Yet, a whole host of institutions and government have an opinion and often a law to back up their right over the woman's.

So there you have it. Women in society are still in many cases treated unequal in education, career opportunities and compensation, the home, and in relationship.  And if she becomes pregnant and is in need of an alternative, the unequal status-quo solutions are often the only avenues to pursue. In the alternative life-styles that women are called to, there are those issues just mentioned and the added stigma of undefined roles along with misguided assumed identities and abusive assuming partners. We need to speak up and more importantly champion the cause of a women's right to choose for herself and be accepted by the male equally in all areas of society.

Below are some resources that call for change and call for equality for women in our society. There are many more available on these websites and often many available in our smaller communities as well.

National Organizational for Women

Planned Parenthood

The National Safe Call Network for BDSM and Fetish

Guest Book for Connecticut Shooting Victims – Online Guest Book by

Guest Book for Connecticut Shooting Victims – Online Guest Book by

Dominant and submissive "The Night Before Spanking"

It was the night before spanking
and all through the house
the husband was resting
and not with his spouse

the paddles were hung
in the bedroom with care
with hope that her dominant
would spank her while bare

she flaunted herself
to make him engage
he found that he couldn't
ignore the new rage

he laid her face-down
upon the bed
preparing to make
her bottom glow red

he  looked at her there
 soft, smooth and warm
the feeling of lust
beginning to form

he picked up the paddle
and brought it down
causing a yell
your could hear it in town

continuing to spank her
with  vigor and want
she began to moan
and heed to the brunt

when all of  a sudden
a wetness appears
her hips now grinding
with a reddening rear

the spanking continues
as he rubs her clitoris
spanking and spanking
the hearing Canorous

the red hews abundant
and markings of love
she blissfully sighs
and looks up above

she reaches her edge
and he fingers her well
 touching her nectar
and feeling her swell

her orgasm explodes
flooding his hand
she cums for her master
and feels just so grand

over now and
each one complete
a submissive surrender
a dominant heat

The following day
when Santa came
under the tree
she found a new cane

the Dominant now
assured and steady
is waiting for her
wanting and ready
it going to be
a great Christmas day
the dominant and submissive
will spend it in play!
 by Joseph McNamara and Gemini 
You can find Gemini at:  Geminiwords